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15 August 2006


Who is he kidding?? I absolutely go to restaurants for the desserts. They are so often overlooked - but they make a huge difference. I love it when everything is house-made! Love the photos and the ideas sound great. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

I suppose having a fried chicken dinner with gravy and biscuits wouldn't be a traditional dessert, then?
If I had a restaurant and wanted to hire a pasty chef and you were applying for the job I would accept biscuits & gravy as a dessert.
Biggles' Bistro, A Meathenge tradition since 2003. Where gravy is served at each course and everyone smiles.


Thanks for this glimpse into your creative process - love seeing how your mind works! Always glad to see someone standing up for pastry - of course it's as important as the rest of the meal! Best of luck with everything!

Shuna, nothing makes a good meal a memorable one like a fantastic dessert. When my husband and I "dine", it's always a special occasion, and we always order dessert, usually with extra spoons so we can share both. I'm still thinking about a white chocolate creme brulee I had last week (and I can't remember for the life of me precisely what the main course was). You'll knock 'em dead. Can you split the difference and do one dessert that's "Shuna" and one that's "their style"? Then again, maybe you should just do it your way--you need to be someplace that makes you happy, if you're going to invest that much time in it.

Best of luck. I'll be thinking of you. I have a lemon tart cooling on my counter right now because you inspired me to branch out (it looks lovely).


My new bumper sticker...Desserts Do Matter.
And if you need anyone to taste test these goodies, I'm sure there are many of us willing to do the job!

The Chef sounds like a moron! The dessert is an important end to the meal. It can make or break the dining experience.

Thank you for a peek into your creative process and fearlessly letting us into your life.

You are my inspiration.

If my home work space looked as beautiful as yours, I wouldn't want to go back to working in a restaurant either!

Shuna, this was such an insightful and introspective post. It takes skill to write in such a way, and even more to be able to locate the material within you. Luckilly, you have plenty of it!

I hate it when I go out and have a nice meal and then my dessert choices all come from Costco! It makes the restaurant look bad and the chef look arrogant.

I know you've probably noticed this, as have I, but on Hell's Kitchen they showed all of the aps and entrees they served but NO desserts. That gets to me, too.

I am really enjoying your blogs here. The buckwheat groat experiments sound amazing and so unique to me. I love that you're giving us a look at your process. I will never be able to step into shoes like yours (it just isn't MY calling), but I am fascinated by it and feel lucky to be let in! Thanks.

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