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07 September 2006


Once again I am struck by the beauty of the words you string together like a luminous pearl necklace. Gorgeous! (Both you and your words.)

Sounds like heaven. You're blog is beautiful as is your passion for the sweeter things in life.

Black mission fig makes amazing ice cream! I have not tried Ici, but I recently tried Laloo, which is made entirely with goat milk and is fantastic -- creamy, tangy, luxuriously earthy. I didn't try anything ordinary, like vanilla or chocolate, but went straight for the "weird," the black mission fig and the molasses tipsycake, which is basically molasses-flavored goat milk ice cream with oatmeal raisin cookies crumbled into it. Spectacular, both of them. I think this stuff is made on your coast, too, so check it out.

One good ice cream gush deserves another... :)

Um...I rather like being hit over the head with a dark bar...then dragged off by my hair. That was 74% hugging the strawberries in my b-day cake, thank you very much. If chocolate were meant to be diluted, it'd have pores.

i went to ici last week...i love the bon bons and the ice cream cones. i don't live in the north. anyone know how to make the cones???

hi there. new to the blog. looking forward to seeing your adventures with the new ice cream machine, as well as browse the archives. as a self proclaimed IceCreamMonster I am pretty sure I need to try both ICI and Laloo (and pinkberry to boot!) cheers!

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