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07 November 2006


Looking at eggs has a calming effect on me. And I agree with what you write.

When I was vegan for a year, it was eggs I found it hardest to live without.

I would add that when you are craving an egg, there is nothing else that will do. Unlike other foods where you can find a reasonable substitution, when you want an egg you want an egg. ;)

I never realized how elusive perfectly cooked scrambled eggs were until I had perfectly cooked ones at the hand of Anne Gingrass at Desiree (I miss that place so much!).

After reading through the egg section in On Food and Cooking, I was amazed to learn about the different parts of the egg itself. Now, I don't fry or poach an egg without first straining off the thin white through a slotted spoon. It makes for perfect, compact eggs every time.

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