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13 November 2006


I have never been to Monterey Bay, but I must admit - I watch their live web cams all the time at work on the east coast! They're so great, and something about watching seals and penguins just cheers up a bad day!

I've been in the Pacific Grove/Carmel/Monterrey area many times, but beguilingly never during Monarch season. Enjoy--they're such glorious creatures!

You should read some Steinbeck while you are in Monterey and visit Cannery Row. Lovely words about a lovely place.

Have a restorative time, shuna! The light must be magnificent there today -- my own Marin yard was Yurneresque at dawn. I stood outside (very still) watching a handsome hawk visitor. We do live in a special world, out here on the Left Coast.

i am in love with the monterey bay aquarium myself. i could easily spend days in there, and when i go with friends, they complain that i move too slowly through the space. hope you have a good time!

oh, it's great to hear how happy you are-and travelling in tandem-lovely. If you get a chance, and perhaps you already know, Carmel Beach is dog heaven-they're off-leash and bounding with joy. And Doris Day's place is a great place to take your favorite hound to tea:
Looking forward to those pics. Enjoy, enjoy.

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