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18 December 2006


at last, the perfect excuse I needed to return to Aziza.

congratulations shuna - i am so so excited for you - and thanks for the excellent pastry class yesterday too, I learnt so much.

Many, many congratulations to you Shuna!! I think this is the perfect move for you right now. I can't wait to go and sample all your desserts. Those flavor combinations sound out of this world delicious :D You've given us all an extra special reason to bid on your Dinner at Aziza prize.

I am very glad that you are back in the fold as both you and the community will benefit.

I had the inclination it would be Aziza. I will be dining there soon, though sadly not as soon as I would like since I will not be back in the Bay Area until mid January. I eagerly anticipate your plated creations for when I return.

WOW! Congrats! We celebrated one of our many anniversaries there on Friday night, and the desserts were the only disappointment of an otherwise incredible evening. I'm glad to hear that won't be the case when we return! :D

great spot-i had my birthday party there a while ago...and who doesn't love desserts.

Cool, I've been there before, its tops (of course I'm sure it will be better now!) I only wish I lived up there to try it again! Good luck.

Congratulations, Shuna!


Now I really have to get my butt over to Aziza already.

Shuna, I'm so excited for you -- and so excited for US! We have a new dining destination for our next Bay Area trip...

Congrats on your new "old" job. I need to get back to SF to try out Aziza. The thought of persimmons and pomegranates makes my mouth water. How about pear and anise?

I hope your pastry heart is happy to be back in a home it knows. And now I get to come visit and taste your creations! I'm happy too. Just don't stop writing completely, okay?:-)

Shuna, Best wishes with the new job and from all of us here at we hope your 2007 is full of happiness and good times.
JT Chandler

What great news - way to go!!

Excellent! This will give me the final push to get to Aziza.

Oh, you were mentioned in the Chron's The Inside Scoop column today.

BTW, I told Food Notebook readers ( that everybody needed to drop by Aziza but only have one appetizer in order to save room for TWO desserts.

Should we all swarm to Aziza now or give you a couple of weeks to settle in?

Fabulous. That is so exciting. I'm incredibly happy that you will have another outlet for the creative energy that spills out of you.
I'm also happy because I will finally get to Aziza. It's always been a spot I've passed up for other SF destinations. Not anymore. That's the first SF meal I'm having upon my return...better run to make a reservation, as I hear you're highly in demand.

Like other comment-leavers above, this is enough reason for me to gather a group and make the trek from San Jose. What a perfect place for a dinner to reward us for a semester of hard studying. I've already told my friends that when we go, they should fast for a day so there's plenty of room for dessert. :)

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