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27 April 2007


Lovely, Shuna, as if you tucked us into your pocket to come along.

This post is beautiful, and it is truly why I want to cook. The journey is never over, you never have all the answers.
In broader terms, thanks for bringing us all along for the ride. It's both amusing and inspiring to get a bit of a bit of a glimpse into your experience.

This is gorgeous, Shuna. So lovely.

Thank you Alanna and Aaron.

And Tea? You were channeled when I wrote this post. I kid you not. You were at the forefront of my mind when these words came out.
{thank you.}

i'm not a chef in training. but i love constructing cuisine. baking and pastry was never my forte (my foundation is more Cantonese comfort, but I love to break tradition), but you write with such romantic conviction that i fall in love with your hands. partly because you speak of your craft in so many ways that i could apply it to the dancers and or writers and or artists and or that i'm inspired by daily.
yours is the exact kind of insight i would want when looking to learn about fruits and sugars and elements, the subject, muse, and result of our ambitious kitchen counter silliness.

oh Shuna, what a name. it is befitting! :] soy Waylan. a pleasure.

and how randomly coincidental: you're based in SF? I think I found you when I googled 'neroli' (because I'm trying to get some for a photo shoot! Do you know where I can get Neroli, saffron, gardenia, or quince in the Downtown/SOMA/Potrero Hill area??)

I'm forwarding this EXACT post, as well as the May 7 post to friends, including an ambitious and beautiful friend of mine residing as pastry chef at Blowfish Sushi. and without formal education, just a Japanese upbringing in craftiness..

write me back at my email..

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