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26 April 2007


Maybe you could type in a word processing program, and then copy and paste into your blog publisher when it's ready? I did that a lot in the early days of AOL.

Sounds like a fun presentation. I'm curious about that Thermomix -- maybe I should be coveting that over a robot coupe. :)

Blown sugar, eh? Nearly burnt off my fingerprints learning this trick in culinary school. No thanks.

Thanks for the report. Sophisticated stuff!


yes, If I had a program like that I would use it. I'm on a friend's computer...maybe tomorrow I will write an email and then paste it in!

As for the thermomix, I think I'd still rather a vitamix or a paco jet. :}

Maura, better your fingers than mine, eh? It's nifty stuff, but I'll stick to fruit.

Yeah, I was pretty sure you'd already thought of that. Good luck using email -- it does save things a lot faster. In a pinch, I've hit hotkeys for "select all" and "copy" compulsively in succession when I didn't want to lose something with a dodgy connection... if you haven't already thought that, too... Hehe, you can tell that I don't want to miss out on anything. :) I really liked the presentations I saw last year, and didn't get to go to all that I wanted, so this is making up for it... Great work!

And oooh... paco jet... Hard to top that.

I'm really amused by the Thermomix. The website makes it sound like it does... EVERYTHING. I just feel like if I saw an infomercial for it in the middle of the night, my mind would be completely blown.

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