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04 May 2007


That guy is adorable! What is it about a man in pink?

Why is it that pastry chefs are so serious? I'm still pretty new in this line of work (I was a line cook for several years before moving to pastry) and I sometimes find it difficult to remain true to my own personality, yet still blend in with my coworkers/peers.

It sounds like you've been having a fantastic time! Still loving reading your posts. :)


I think our side is more exacting so we tend to be more focused and thus serious. also line cooking is much more about physicality and machismo, so the seriousness comes out in a different manner.

also you have to know that most pastry chefs, no matter how talented, play second fiddle to "chefs" so we need to make up for it in other ways.

The way I kept my sense of humour was that I made sun of myself. I placed a sign on my station door years ago that said "pastry wench," and delighted in some line cooks' fear of me.

Also-- I always kept my chinois locked in my locker.

I dont know why, but pastry chefs are gorgeous, especially the french ones!!!!

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