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13 May 2007


I'm dying! Your inciting a hunger that can't be satiated. I can't get those desserts anywhere. Well, I suppose that's why you need to get this job. :)

Hang in there, my friend! Sending you good thoughts--and hope you get some sleep in the midst of it all.

Good luck Shuna! The sweets sound amazing. I am sorry I could not find a better baking space for you in NYC. I really only know places in BKLYN, but will continue to hunt. Keep up the great blogging!

(that latter being a sort of gargle sound, but of an encouraging type.)
Have fun.

Good luck!

good luck! can't wait to hear how the tasting goes.

best of luck to you! let your self shine!

Good luck tomorrow. We will be thinking good thoughts.

I'm excited for you! Good luck!

good luck. i'll be thinking of you at 3pm. i'm going to get a haircut this afternoon, maybe i'll go eat some borscht at veselka in your honor.
melissa xo

Fingers and toes crossed for you, Shuna!

Best of luck to you!

Wow, when I read the last line of your post, it was 2 minutes before noon on Monday. I'm sending you po-si-tive vibrations at this very moment in time. I'm sure you'll be great! Can't wait to hear more about it.

dude...yer lemons are showing

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