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12 June 2007


yay! I just got a new camera, too. isn't it great?? :D

Congrats! I'm 1000% addicted to our Rebel 300D, and we just got my dad the one you have for his birthday/father's day. You're going to have so much fun with it.

SO MUCH FUN!!! oooooh, nice depth.... =)

hey Shuna, great shots for sure...
I bought the 350D XT just last week & am trying to learn to use it. do you recall what setting you had the camera at for these?
& where'd you get that nifty brown bracelet, would like to get one for my sister


Camera schmamera -- I want that cucumber salad! Mmmmmm.

you got the new camera! yay!! good job!

Congrats! Nice shots with that thing.

Congrats on the new baby!!

I love their pressed lemon/limes. I feel like a princess with all those things.

I think their desserts totally RAWK. The entrees are a bit hit and miss - when they're on, they're on!

(I also have a bracelet like that. Reminds me to haul it out ;).

I just got a new camera as well. A nice 7 megapixel one...nothing as nice as that one though. I used to do desserts there when they first opened along with another fine pastry chef, Maria. Sometimes I miss it & then I remember why I don't. Sea salt is one of the best in Berkeley though.

so jealous ! I have been wanting that camera for ages....

Nice shots! The digital Rebel is a cool little camera indeed. I picked up a used 300D on Craigslist not too long ago, and I love the thing. Now, to work on my photography skills...

One more thing - your sweater vest and cuc salad matched perfectly. *grin* Very nice.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I do not wear jewelry. That was not my wrist.

and yes, I love my new BFF.

and yes, I always try to match my outfits with my meals. good eye!

thanks for your good words on the shots! I am attempting to conjure my photo education which started in 1983! Music & Art H.S. NYC)

those bracelets are all over the south bronx for a buck. its funny to watch things like that move into the mainstream.
nice pics shuna, enjoy your new toy. and i have to say, your long locks make me smile. i am still not so used to you with long hair - i guess i will always think of you as a crewcut sailor.

Ooo, purty! What kind of camera is it?

yow Shuna! That camera rawks!! But I really wanna know about the English cucumber dish in the second photo...


the cucumber salad was listed on the menu as having Persian and Japanese cucumbers, red onions (which I asked for them to omit), feta and radishes. It was all I'd hoped-- crunchy, ecclectic (from the 2 dif. cukes), and refreshing!

The vinaigrette was barely noticeable so I imagine it was very light, whatever it was.

Both cucumbers can be gotten at Berkeley bowl.

thank you :-)

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