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07 June 2007


I'm supposed to be out of town for the 20-26. Can we meet up on the 19, 26, or 27 instead?


I am sorry to report that, no, this is my only time slot. I know it seems crazy but I am balancing a lot of people and activities on this trip, and, really, this was my only window.

So much so that I am seeing a friend later that evening too!

Maybe you'll make it out to SF one day soon?

Lucky you! Sigh. Eat a bagel for me :).

Are you doing somesuch as well for Portland? Or is your dance card entirely full? Will watch for announcements. Enjoy your travels. Via Michael Ruhlmann (see his fabulous post on the place-- was turned onto Yakitori Totto (W. 40s) Chicken knees-ooh. Careened between there and Momofuku. Heaven or some version of it. Eat well, live well, be well. Ciaooo

Errr, here's the Ruhlmann link again:


My dance card is not at all full-- although those classes are back to back... but I will be in PDX for a full 2 weeks! so, yeah, let's plan a get together....I'm game!

But I have to think about one trip at a time.

too much joy: I'm overwhelmed!

Shuna, I totally understand. We'll meet up eventually, I hope. I'll let you know next time I'm in SF.

Ah Veselka, how I miss the Potato and Cheese Pierogies with Sour Cream & Onions also Kielbasa and Borscht since I moved uptown.

American by birth; New Yorker by the grace of God

Nice! I'll try my best to be there. I've always wanted to go to Veselka.

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