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06 July 2007


i just read your pie ii revisited and i am so grateful for your very specific instructions, i can't even explain! Thank you so much. Will try my hand at this maybe even tomorrow morning!!

Shuna - Aren't marionberries amazing? They grow wild in Oregon. BTW, there is one berry farm up a little past Placerville off of HWY 50 that grows and sells marionberries. Want to go picking some time? xoxo

I don't even know what a marionberry is. Is it like a huckleberry?

Black Raspberries make good jam. St Dalfour makes a decent one that can help to fake a last minute cheese course.


Hey Joe Fish...A Marionberry is a cross between an Olallieberry and another one (Chehalem I believe?). It has a super intense blackberry flavor. Sadly for us Californians (though I suppose sadder for you), Marionberries grow nearly exclusively in Oregon, so getting one's hands on them can be tricky...

Oh, but Aaron, I grew up picking and eating Olallieberries and while I live in Oregon now and just love Marionberries, Olallieberries will always have a place in my heart!

dudez...there is no such thing as too many berries. just made fresh strawberry sorbet with a raspberry/blackberry plum compote to top it off. watch out plumz we is comin to get you!

Hey Shuna! I was just in Portland, went to the Saturday Market. Umm... how to put it? You didn't miss much. Few farmers in sight, mostly prepared food stands and lots of tchatchkes. I bought some handmade soap. On the other hand, maybe I went to the wrong market? Is there a farmers' market on Saturday that is separate from the Saturday Market?


Were you downtown? Under the tall tall trees? With gorgeous dappled shade all around? On a college campus?

That's where I was on Saturday and although there were soap sales people, there was a fine showing of farmers from near and far in Oregon. Peaches, nectarines, garlic scapes, black raspberries, three kinds of blackberries, many a blueberry, GOOSEBERRIES!, various green leafies, sweet onions, cherries... they was all there, and then some.

Musicians playing in the middle. Amazing bakeries, and speaking of Yiddish, one bakery called FRESSEN. Did you not see what I saw? Did you not eat what I ate?

Well, then, time to come back! Sooner rather than later!

shelly <--- doofus
I went to the wrong market :(. Definitely gotta go back, if only to eat a pastry at a bakery called Fressen!

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