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24 August 2007


Shaken beef is never boring :) Or at least it never should be.

Thank you (again) so much for sharing all of this with us.

The pregnancy rumor is really apt. You're incredibly tolerant of our constant impertinent questions. We must feel like people who feel a primal urge to touch a pregnant belly even when they know it's the height of presumption. We're all just so excited about something wonderful about to happen, for you and for all of us.

I actually dreamed of your restaurant kitchen last night. That felt very odd, but I woke up smiling. And hungry.

I meant "metaphor" not "rumor". How funny...


Also means, if you don't fess up soon you may splode!


I won't visit unless you put a version of the Galaktoboureko on the menu for me. You know how much I love your custard desserts.

I think I know what the project is, but my lips are sealed! I'll wait to find out if I'm right or wrong...

Chestnut Flour.

Congratulations on your immiment survival. Can't wait to hear about the cerebral sweets to come.

I'll have em's for you tomorrow. From what I hear from my sources close to you (you, that is) these will help start the day off right. Sleep up kiddo.

"desserts I never want to make ever again in all of my life, plated desserts which are on every SF restaurant menu, flavor combinations I love, my signature style"

I am very curious to see a post on these in particular. :)

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