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24 April 2008


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I love the idea of food vs. nourishment. This is a lovely, deceptively thought-provoking post.

/Thank you for noticing the details. ~sfl

That last sentence gave me goose bumps. beautifully said.

thanks for the pretty postcard.

there's something undeniably charming about spending holidays in sunny climes.

Reminded me of the yearly vacations at the inlaws in Daytona and relishing whatever was on the table because I had to stop going to the Grocery Store with my mother inlaw and seeing how bad the quality and variety of produce was being offered...Hope where you are the quality is better..

Oh yeah, Breakstone's K for P whipped butter on matza with a sprinkling of salt. Mmmmm. Memories.

Sitting at my parents and grandparents table is nourrishment indeed. The food is there, special or casual but my heart is always fuller than my stomach. Enjoy your time!

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