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22 April 2008


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I was just over there Sunday, soaking in the light-spangled Headlands magic... I drove by the Center for the Arts, but didn't stop. Next time.

We got married at the HCA in October. It is really a wonderful place, the kind of setting that needed very little decoration. Our photographer recommended to us and we couldn't be happier with the results.

I also moved from NYC to here for the Headlands. I loved living in the city, but having grown up in a rural area, I missed trees. And being the typical New Yorker with no car (and no drivers license at that time), finding trees was a tough job.

Then I kept coming here - and within 20 minutes of the city in any direction were beautiful parks and woodlands - fresh, inviting and offering the illusion of being far, far from the city. I especially loved the headlands. The headlands were what made my decision for me. I wanted to live within a 10 minute drive of them - and for 14 years I did. Now that I am in the East Bay I don't get there as much, but then again there are wonderful parks all along the ridge here in my new back yard.

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