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17 April 2008


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I think that is what makes a great chef. a person that can walk into a space that someone else designed and make it work. i have worked under many different chefs but one taught me a lot and not about recipes. he taught me how to organize myself, how to organize the product, what is necessary, what is not. that is what i have taken with me that i treasure the most.

by the way, you are going to be in south florida soon? really? where? i live in jupiter which is north palm beach county. you mention boyton beach, that's only a 20 minute drive for me. wouldn't it be something if we baked in my kitchen and documented the whole thing? i'd love that... but i know... you are tired, you need a break... that's probably why you are coming here in the first place!

Congratulations on the new job, and good luck. Keep us posted!

I agree with invisable chewing gum conecting but it starts with cleanliness. Loyalty--I am all for it. For the most part it gets you what you want and isnt that what we all want? Hope the key limes are there for you down there...

I hope you enjoy your transition and time in the land of the perpetual tan.

Shuna, I think you should try for this..

I love your ability to put your thoughts in writing so beautifully and so precisely.

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