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06 July 2008


You're in Napa again? So REALLY, how do I run into you? Should I just sit at the Oxbow market all day and wait until I see you slide into the Cheese Merchant and then pretend like I am subtly taking in the essence of a wedge of Cowgirl Red Hawk next to you? Naw, that'd be too stalkerish and I'm not like that. I live here in town though, and it's small enough that maybe fate will bring us together. ;)

Hello Ian,

It might be easy to run into me if I were at the Oxbow Market because it's so small, but I am Here, at a remote farm, with 2 dogs and a lot of sky. Not a lot of commerce at the farm, just dog-eat-small-animal. Remind me why we should meet and maybe I'll take you up on an ice cream cone from Three Twins... ~ Shuna

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