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18 September 2008


How I wrote a tribute to Robert without including the word "fight" is a mystery to me.

Thanks for reminding me of another thing I'll miss about him.

Thanks for the great posting about Robert, though I did not have the pleasure of meeting him, I can tell from postings like yours that he was an inspiration to chocolate lovers, chefs and anyone who appreciates food.

He helped raise the bar on what people should expect from food they eat.

Have you seen John Scharffenberger’s tribute to his friend and business partner?

Shana, I had not as yet had the chance to find or read John's post so thank you for sharing the link with me and everyone at eggbeater-- much appreciated indeed. ~ Shuna

Shuna, I'm a friend of Roberts. Me and some friends will organize a memorial in the Bay Area. His body will be buried in a private ceremony in Boston where he was born. We will celebrate his life here around San Francisco. If you'd like I'll be updating info when I know about specifics on this blog.

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