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I started writing eggbeater as a food blog in March of 2005, and since then it has evolved into something different. I now write from a perspective not oft covered in mainstream food media -- one that delves into the lives of real cooks, chefs, kitchens, and the not-so-glamorous we lead

The inspiration for the name 'Eggbeater' comes from once having had an extensive collection of eggbeaters, (and I used to identify with Luddites.)

Who is Shuna Lydon?

I am an on-the-job trained chef, and I've been cooking and baking professionally, in New York City, California and London, for over two decades. I consider myself to be part of the old-school or the old guard of cooks: tough, thorough, methodical and efficient in the kitchen.

My background is in fine and graphic arts. I have a secret BFA in photography from CCAC but now embrace digital & iphone photography. {Yes, I still miss film and darkroom printing.}

I am also a writer, and am currently writing a bi-monthly column, called "The Egg Beat," profiling pastry chefs for Medium.com

Up until the fall of 2008 I could be spotted at any Bay Area farmer's market buying seasonal fruit, green leafies, cheese and jam, but as of now, NYC claims me. I live with my partner in a loft in Brooklyn, where he has his studio [he is a visual artist], and I have my kitchen studio.

I hope you find something real, something informative, something interesting, and something delicious at eggbeater.

Shuna Lydon