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26 March 2005


Very Cool! What a great idea. I would love to attend but am geographically challenged currently. I'll continue to read about it on your blog!

Do you use whole grain flour in your Kitchen Aid mixer at all? And if so, does the mixer perform well? I'd like to get my mom a new stand-up mixer, but like me, she's interested in baking whole grain bread. (I mill my flour.) I use an Electrolux, but I can't afford another one of those! :-)

i like pie!!!!!

i like eggs too!!!!!!

i need to know who the author for school
u people answer me!!!!!!!!!......plz

tear......o_0 anyone there......hello

echo echo echo......hello

i freaking love you

Hello Cat,

My name is Shuna fish Lydon. I am the instructor of the classes and the author of eggbeater.

Thanks for coming by and being so prolific!

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