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11 April 2005


I am not worthy, I am not worthy.

Dammit Shuna, you keep posting this stuff and I'm going to have to actually BAKE something. What's with all your inspiration anyway? You're a peach, thank you.


Okay, I'm sold on Anson Mills. Could you please, please post your cornbread recipe? I have a fridge full of duck fat (don't ask) and this sounds like a good way to use some of it up. Yum!

I am so glad you posted this recipe ... I have been craving it ever since you gave me a piece of it like a month ago. Thanks.

that's what you do with the egg whites :)

Oh... darnit, now I'm likely to have to bake something this weekend. Hey Biggles, I'll bake if you grill!

Meg - awesome idea for using up the duck fat... I have some myself, and have been trying to think up a way to use it. Because, clearly, confit is out of the question. Hmph.

Shuna - I made some crepes - real Bretagne style ones - from the buckwheat flour I bought from you and they were Delicious!
- but i realised I didnt get the recipes, so thanks for posting them here.

Shuna - thank you so much for directing me to this recipe, I can't wait to try it! Buckwheat flour truly is a wondrous thing. And I have to second the plea for your cornbread recipe... ;)


I did indeed publish the cornbread recipe on this here site...just take a look's worth the hunt! thanks for visiting and commenting. Your buckwheat cookies have inspired me too!

Could you please tell me approx. how long the buckwheat gateau breton needs to bake?


Hello Mary,

What I usually do for baked goods I know will take a long time is set my first timer for 20 minutes so that I can see how far it's come in that time and so I can turn the pan around. My next timer would be betw 10-15 minutes and then I'd test it.
Because this cake has no leavening it can easily trick you in the oven. I like mine to have a little color around the edges, but I haven't liked it as much when it's been drier than this.

So that others can benefit from this question and response can I your permission to put your question on my site along with this response?

Thank you for reading eggbeater, I hope your gateau Breton is a wonderful one. I love eating it for breakfast days afterwards.

I have been nescient in response, but I still read your blog as often as possible. I wrote you last fall in regards to steamed cakes/puddings. I loved the KQED article. I developed a wonderful steamed walnut cake with brown sugar caramel, thanks to you. I made the buckwheat gateu today with fig/ meyer lemon jam (as a side) for my clients- I sold out on the restaurant world and cook for rich people now. I got sick of this crap of an industry after 5 years! But I want to go back, for some sick reason. Hang in there, when is your definitive dessert book coming out?

Hi Shuna,

Since Anson Mills doesn't sell the buckwheat flour retail (only wholesale), can I get on your list of people to contact when you purchase a large amount so that I could by a bit from you??? I'm dying to try it! Especially after hearing Alice Medrich talk about it yesterday at her book signing.

Thanks a bunch and love your site as much as ever!


If you live close enough to hear Alice, check out Boulette's Larder-- they used to sell small quantities.

Your have 2 other options-- contact Anson Mills and ask them who might distribute/sell their product.

Or you can put together an order yourself. Contact everyone you know who might go in on an order with you, buy a bunch of ziplock bags and a scale and you're ready!

As a last resort you may want to come by where I'm working...

Thanks, Shuna.

I'll try your ideas, and let you know if I have to resort to the last resort.

I think that most of the people I know to contact already get it from you.

Try the Carolina Gold Rice, it is SPECTACULAR! Their risotto recipe is heaven. We also love the Savannah Red Rice. I'm addicted!

Hi Shuna,
When you have a moment I'd love to know what you think of British flour v US flour.
Is there a British equivalent of Anson mills?

Hello msmarmiteloverrrrr! Well I did write something a while back about British Flour, but I'm not sure if that's what you mean {?}. On the other hand, about an equivalent to Anson Mills in the UK? YES!! You have far more options than I do, in fact, because your soil is so much better. (my opinion.)

I think your best resource is Britain's best bread baker, Dan Lepard, but you knew I'd say that right? You also have The Real Bread Campaign and the UK Soil Association, so no matter which road you take I think you'll get a lot of information. Thanks for the good questions! ~ Shuna

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