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14 April 2005


Thanks Shuna,
Your recipe sounds delicious! I will be making it with duck fat AND bacon sometime soon...

Hey Shuna,

TAG, I'm it. Just called Taylor and am going to pick up some lard tomorrow at the farmer's market. I got a recipe for corn bread NOBODY GOTS !!!!!!

Watch out, here I come.

Oh, you Yankee. Sugar in cornbread. Feh! And I see you made it in a loaf pan -- something that never happens where I ate hot bread once or twice a day. Round iron skillets, pie pans, muffin tins, square pans, okay....However, I applaud your using honest cornmeal and I also like it that you're spreading the word about this elemental treat....A sure cure for insomnia: hot corn bread broken into a deep cup or glass of milk, spooned up like cereal...Glad you agree about Lundy, a patron saint.

Okay, well, I failed. I made two different batches of corn bread yesterday and tossed them both. I'll be posting the results up on Meathenge soon. I'm going to use YOUR recipe. And I'm going to use a cast iron skillet rubbed with lard! YEAH !!!

Senior Biggles

Hey there Shuna--you inspired to pull down my copy of Lundy's book (an old favorite I haven't used since I moved to the big bad city) and whip up some cornbread for breakfast! It's in the oven right now....I was happy to see her trick of getting a great crust--you put the fat into your skillet, get it really hot in the oven, swirl it around to grease and then dump the hot fat into the batter, followed by pouring the batter into the hot pan. Will report back! I used her recipe of all cornmeal (no flour) but got a little Yankee at the end and swirled in some honey.

First let me say I am neither chef nor cook. Food fascinates me, as does superb writing and photography -- hence my gleeful daily checking of my eggbeater bookmark.

Lately I've been cooking up a storm. It's challenging in a not-too-suspenseful way, plus my partner just loves it. I've never enjoyed cooking for anyone before.

Two nights ago I made Shuna's cornbread. Just amazing! On his first bite, Tyler literally threw his head back in ecstasy.

I never knew I could bake anything like this.

I used the 3 tbs butter and organic cornmeal from a Whole Foods-type market. I couldn't find my sifter, so I ground the baking powder between my fingers! It went beautifully with my chipotle meatloaf and roasted broccoli.

Thank you, Shuna!

Fantastic - thanks for pointing this out to me. It looks delicious, can't wait to try it!

Hi Shuna,

Want to make the cornbread but have no buttermilk down in Istanbul... what can I do to get the same effect? Put some lemon or vinegar in whole milk or? Thank you so much.



I'm jealous. Wish I were in Istanbul.

Maybe water down some yogurt? Yes, you could sour some milk but it will take a day or two depending on the ambient heat of your kitchen, to sour it to the needed place.

Please come back and let us know how it worked out... thanks!

Hello again Shuna,

Well anytime you want you are more than welcome here!!! Well I mixed a bit apple cider vinegar into whole milk and got my buttermilk... But the I have to adjust the recipe I think as it turned out very very dense... Thank you so much..

Thanks for this Shuna, I'm doing an Elvis night this friday and will use your recipe...I even found buttermilk...x

MsMarmiteLover!! This sounds like an amazing dinner-- good on you! Are you making banana bread too? Let me know-- I have a great recipe I used in London...x ~ shuna

thank you for this recipe and tip on this southern cookbook which i've just ordered from amazon. the cornbread came out amazing. we did it with bob's coarse cornmeal and baked it in a buttery cast iron skillet. am already excited to eat some more for breakfast tomorrow!

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