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26 April 2005


Dear Ms. Lydon, First I would like to send you condolences on the death of your mom. I loved your Mom's book Knitting Sutra and recently picked up her other book Knitting Heaven and Earth. Much to my surprise it starts out in Summerhome Park. I am a long time residnet of SHP and everyone knows everyone else there. I was amazed to learn that she spent so many summers up there and our paths had not crossed. It is a VERY small community and nothing or no one gets by without everyone knowing. (Much like a Peyton Place) I would have loved to engage a dialogue with her about most anything from knitting to her interesting life to the fun card games her and her friends enjoyed in the evening. I am sorry I did not discover that she was a small part of our community sooner. I have shared her book with others from SHP and we can't figure out who her good friends could possibly be. Do you mind sharing their names? I am sure I must know the one who she visits with and would like to offer her my condolences also.

Margie Krystofiak
[email protected]

Once again I finished your Mom's first book and ordered a half-dozen to give to my recovering friends. I first read her book in 1996 when I had 14yrs. clean. Again and again I thought of her and picked the book up. It is the best account of addiction and recovery I have read since I began my journey from addictions in 1979.
My grief hangs over my celebration of her--and your-- wit, endurance and recovery. While ordering more of her books, I came upon the notice of her transition.
I needed to let you know your Mother has kept another addict alive a day at a time.
Thanks for not giving up on her/us.
Congratulations on your achievements.
In the Spirit of Recovery,
char abeyta

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