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23 May 2005


Great pics, Shuna! I am so glad you got a digital camera. Looking at these this early in the morning has me rummaging through my kitchen looking for all the fresh food that I can find. That picture of the huge bowl of fava beans is amazing.

Shuna --

Thanks so much for sharing that sun-kissed experience. The closest I have come to it is one of the
"Dinner in the Fields" series, a meal out (literally) on the acres of Warren Weber's farm in Bolinas when chef Traci and a crew from Jardiniere brought propane grills and ice - a whole tented camp kitchen -- and produced a memorable feast that was served on long communal tables. Smoke and the smell of roasting meat from a Chileno Valley ranch, Little Gem lettuces from the fields just beyond our tables, eggs from chickens right down the road, Straus butter and cream: fabulous.

It always depends on the willing spirit of the people involved, doesn't it? You describe so well that coming together in a kitchen, indoors or out. Good for all of you for becoming involved in a noble cause. Marin Agricultural Land Trust has accomplished miracles -- through really hard work -- and I'm sure the Knolls and the folks around Brentwood will do the same.

thanks for managing to take photos while you were so busy working! it all looks so delicious, and i hope it was a success for the Trust.

Looks like a great time. BTW, I'm sure you've had pissenlit before. Dandelions by their slangy French name. Means piss the bed.

Benefits are fun to do. Especially when you get to work with new people and make new friends.

Holy moly Batman! I would liked to have attended, but at 125 a dinner or 1200 a table, that's a bit rich for my blood. That looked like a great time. I've earmarked the name and want to see what they're up to over the coming months. Beyond Organic is a great idea, I like that a lot. I can get behind that.


Hey, do you think they'd mind if I ran off with their grill?

there was an old lady who swallowed a cat, imagine that! she swallowed a cat. she swallowed a cat to catch the man who ran off with the grill...

Dr. Biggles -- I can't afford those benefits either, on a freelancer's earnings. But sometimes they generously donate press passes and it's a way for them to get positive word out. This is one way I can help out the organizations. It's the chefs and other volunteers -- like Shuna -- who really make the magic happen.

Dear Dr. Biggles,

This is to let you know that you don't need to have the bucks to attend. You just need the chutzpah to get your butt out here in the trenches with the rest of us "worker bees". I bought myself a ticket last year, but ended up giving it to a friend and hanging out at the "staff" table with the rest of the wackos in the kitchen! And I hafta say that that's my intention again this year! I wanna be behind the scenes with the rest of the troops making the miracle happen! Soooooo, Dr. Biggles, you have a chance to be part of the miracle infrastructure for the 2006 BALT Second Annual Fun(d)raiser Dinner! Don't drag yer feet!

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