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09 May 2005


You stink. We keep thinking about moving to Portland. Now we really have to go on a serious reconnaissance. Over the years we've had lots of Bay Area friends move there. They all love it.


hey, wait a second, I haven't yet finished this convincing post! {I shall finish it, complete with seductive photos, this afternoon!}

S. Fish

hi shuna. it's marcia, here in portland. just want to say you're a really good writer. so add that to "wit" & i've given you some big-time compliments here.

i don't know what a URL is.

later, mc

That was wonderful! Now I want to go to Portland too and explore all those little eateries that you shared with us. I hope you won't take this as criticism, but would have loved to see pictures of some of the things you ate--grin.

And I can just imagine all that cool, beautiful green--sigh.

Hello Rachel,

you know I took photos of food at Navarre but I didn't want to use a flash and so they are a bit boring, sorry. But it really is full of treats! Great coffee, excellent Pacific Northwest breakfasts, berries berries berries in the summer...don't worry I will be going up there again and will report back.

thanks for visiting, I love the name of your blog!

i'm from Thailand i have been portland before i'm really love portland. Nice Nature Flower Wow Wonderful, i'm go to hiking alot so beautiful

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