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01 May 2005


I discovered last year that a version of Tarte Tatin can be made with Royal Blenheims, and it's a knockout. They are juicier than apples, which means that once you invert the tart onto a plate (so the pastry is on the bottom) it will start to absorb juices and lose its crispness. It will still taste terrific, however. But if you serve the whole thing immediately after inverting, it's just amazing. (It's important, by the way, to let it cool to room temp before inverting, so the juices will thicken--otherwise you risk a scalding, runny mess.)

I'm not a serious cherry fan myself but Hamada Family stand at the Ferry Building had Brooks yesterday and Peggy (who loves cherries) says they're fine.

Finally, the Bella Viva folks

have dried apricots and other fruit that aren't rubbery and flavorless. Their white nectarines are fantastic and I used their dried tart apricots to make Lekvar (combine with water, heat until mushy, pass through food mill) which is a great filling for crepes and is the traditional filling between the layers of Sachertorte.

Yummy post, Shuna.

I can't bring myself to eat early cherries - I prefer them later in the season.

Today, though, we picked up a few "aprium" fruits - an apricot/plum hybrid. They are amazingly delicious & juicy, and have the unmistakable "twang" of plums. Yum.

MmmMMmm, cherry season. Was considering going out to pick our own.

Cherries are our friend.



apriums already?! amazing. Yeah, I don't trust the early cherries, not enough sun yet. But your comment is proof that early varietals have just gotten earlier!



One of the nicest things about apricot Tate Tatin is that once inverted there is a god- made tiny inverted place to rest your ice cream! Next time you make this take the time to make fresh Verbena icecream, the two go exquisitely together!


Verbena! What a good idea--thanks. Yeah, I do sometimes serve it with vanilla but home made verbena, I'll definitely try this. The ice cream maker tub is sitting in the freezer as we speak, waiting for the weather to get just a bit warmer.

I really shouldn't read your blog before lunchtime... I'm seriously salivating at the thought of apricot tarte tatin with verbena ice cream.



The most aromatic Verbena can be found at Knoll farms on Sat at the Ferry Plaza farmer's market. It's quite nice for tisane or used to make beurre noisette...just be careful--it needs to be used that day or one day later, or dry it in a "once hot" oven overnight.


I just returned from New York with a dark chocolate bar filled will a soft apricot caramel center in anticipation of apricot season (doesn't taste at all like caramel, which is what I hoped). Mmmmm, stone fruit! Yummy post, as always. In case you want to check it out, the chocolates are divine, and they sell them in SF.

Shuna, fortunately two of my high school years were spent in an area of SoCal that grew apricots for Kern preserves company. There were ranches all over this wonderful area. Most of the fruit ended up in jam, but a lot of the blenheims were dried. I spent two summers pitting apricots and laying them for drying. $1 for a 4x8 foot tray ready to dry! I gained my appreciation for the food world in those fields! Thank you for the look back.

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