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17 June 2005



sending love, hugs and respect.

You write from your heart. I'm moved.

Shuna Fish:

What DO you do for fun?

Hang in there! Is it possible that teaching cooking is a true calling for you?

Hey Shuna, yer kinda busy huh? Without TV to cloud your mind.
The Leverage works its evil ways in other walks of life as well. Over the years I've had to do many things to stay on top, not because I'm so much better. But because the other person was that much an idiot. Such as managing the help desk at Harper Collins publishing in SF, the man on top didn't like me. I threatened his existance, fine. He spent one and a half weeks working on some poor sots mouse, couldn't make it behave. He'd ordered a new motherboard and mouse. I went over and cleaned the GUNK out and it worked fine. That was five million years ago. I moved on and I've been with the same company for 15 years. Now I'm the existing idiot and I have to say, I LOVE the idea of not having to prove my mettle.
Do you get tired of having to go toe to toe?


I have been sitting here typing nothing. Words to express how moved I was by your essay have completely dissipated into the humid, night air. Thank you for writing. I am sorry the foraging position did not work out--this time. And as someone who has not had TV in years and years, I can totally relate to your obliviousness. I simply rejoice in it! Besides, there isn't time to watch TV if one is busy baking. Baking cures all, as you obviously already know. Take care of yourself (and please e-send me a piece of that pie).


Your ability to tie themes and words and seemingly unrelated ideas together to draw me into your mind and heart is amazing.

I can feel your sadness and disappointment through your words, at the same time as I can feel your graciousness at having been given the opportunity, if only for 4 weeks.

You are a true gem. We are blessed to have you. Traci knows it. We all know it. Those poor sots in the kitchen will know it only when it's too late.

Thinking of you,

Ah Shuna! Your writing is Like creme brulee for me. It is mellow and sweet with such depth. It can be ignored as too simple a dish, until someone who really knows, knows.

Thank you for sharing.

Funny, my husband brought home some shiny seeds for us this week. They will hopefully sprout and will grow to be fantastic trees.

hello friends,

thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I will just say over and over what a wondrous thing this blogging can be. And all of you are such proof of that.

Thank you for allowing this world to be an outlet of immeasurable comfort, laughter, inspiration, freedom, learning, and visual deliciousnesses. You are all with me on this bizarre and life changing journey, whether you know/like it or not.

xo Shuna Fish

Your writing is amazing, your use of words sublime. Take every experience as a class in school, use what you can and shelve the rest. I was never welcomed in kitchens, always asking why and trying to streamline stuff, never went out after to drink , never did coke, never slept with the staff, I never fit in, but in the end they loved me and I have become a better person for it. Move on with better ideas than you had when you started.

Got a gift this weekend of a really good cookbook The Sweet Kitchen, very well written, very user friendly and even an old baker like me learned a few things, I read cookbooks like a novel and this is a good one.

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