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21 June 2005


Biscuits? Oh dearie me, you should have seen my attempt a few years ago.
I wore my Eggbeater T-shirt the other day. I felt as though I was wearing black leather jacket, as though I was doing something so naughty. I loved it. It's tough getting used to seeing that band of orange under my chin.
I think if I wore my biker jacket and your shirt I'd keel over.

Hold on a minute! You were at Susie Kate's? I was there only one time but loved the idea and some of the things were spot on.....The whole biscuit mystique continues to fascinate me. I am willing to try your recipe when I have a moment to breathe, even though in the photo they look slimmer than my personal favorite. I was brought up on big fat ones -- even those of monumental proportions ("cat heads") from one aunt.....Thin ones are best for special occasions when you can fill them with slivers of country ham or a bit of peppery shrimp salad, served with drinks. But breakfast? Gimme those fat rascals......BTW: You can get White Lily flour at Mill Valley Market.

P.S. It's good to remember that when you use your biscuit cutter -- whether it's a real one or a can or a glass -- you push down smartly and release, never twist as you cut them out.

You're probably thinking, "Will she never shut up?" -- but now I realize it was my own wishful thinking that put White Lily flour in Mill Valley. They do have King Arthur.
You can order White Lily online, though -- and boy, is it worth it. You probably wouldn't cotton to the self-rising
flours but they are so fine for those of us who are not sensitive to the baking powder.


I was just thinking the other day which 22 people will have a hold of those T shirts and how disparate they all are. It's like a mystery club, all of us. I come from the motorcycle jacket wearing tribe so I know from which you speak. And thos Luddites were a little scary too.


you know there's whole writings about How To Use The Biscuit Cutter for lighter, taller, more evenly rising bicuits. In fact I have used particular methods with puff pastry, attempted comparative tests, and there are some intense particulars that DO make a difference. It's an odd world out there if you uncover a few stones.

This is odd but odd in a good sorta way. There have been times in the last few years when I have craved Susie Kate's biscuits. And now, here you are telling me this news and sharing this recipe. It's odd. But like good. I'd call it kismet!

Intense particulars? Sounds romantic to me.

Do tell us about your own favorite biscuit-cutting method.

Did you ever take the odd-shaped scraps and cook them in a skillet on top of the stove? That's one of my
favorite childhood memories from my grandmama's kitchen.

Jeanne--- A funny thing about Susie Kate's is that I walked into Fork about a year ago and the old owner greeted me at the door! We had a warm chat and reminisced! I think for us it's just more proof that good eggs like good food. Really nothing compares to the tenderizing properties of bacon fat melded with duck fat!!

Kudzu--- I have never tried baking the scraps in a skillet. But this is why I have e g g b e a t e r so that myself and others can learn from eachother. Interactive baking, so to speak.

There is a mill in North Carolina where my parents have another house that has flour that I believe my mother is a new lover of.
Are you here?
I will make you biscuits. My recipe is much, much simpler.

katrina (or the name above)

mmm, duck fat biscuits!

I'm trying to figure out what to with this bag of strawberries I've been given, happened to come upon this recipe--sounds great.

They sound good, corn meal hummm. I will have to give them a try. I saw a interesting twist on the Strawberry shortcake, on Strawberry Martini Shortcake. Not difficult, more presentational, which was prefect for the dinner party I was planning. I love mixing traditional with clever. I also enjoyed the site. Lots on home, family, gardening and yes food.
thanks for the recipe, I will let you know how they turn out.


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