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15 June 2005


You know you've hit the "big time" when you have your very own blog t-shirts! :)

"I want one!" she said impatiently.

Shuna, yer a jewel in the traditional sense. Make it go.
It's a good thing you are who you are, because if you weren't? Then I couldn't be either. And that would suck.

I'm in a state of glee because I installed a Luddite telephone (does that exist?). Yes it does, you have to stick your finger in some hole and spin it around to make it work. Plus you have to keep track of where you are in numbers to make it useful.


I have a thing for old phones. I have two that are exactly the same, {long story}, that are really heavy and non-mobile. When a phone person came to check my line a few years ago he looked at my phone and said, "Do you use that? Well you know in the NYC summer blackout, those dinosaurs were the only phones that worked!"

And hey, living life truthfully, unfortunately, is the only thing I know how to do.

I love this blog!! Dad

Hi Shuna,
When can we order one of these? Or am I too late?

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