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26 June 2005


Hi Shuna.....there is 'something' about that peach photo. Can't figure out what it is...
Great post! Wonderful photos!
(I do want a T-Shirt! Where can I buy?)

Peaches and plums* and figs, oh my!

(or is it pluots?)

Will you still be teaching Summer Fruit Yumminess at Surly Table in Los Gatos or do you need to leave, like, NOW?

(safe journeys in either case)

Hey, what's with that photo of the Della Fattoria bread? Are you trying to make me homesick? (I love their bread...)

Don't know whether you're off post haste, but hope you can stay in touch with this part of the world while you are somewhere else.

I wrote you earlier (personally) about comfort in these situations, and one comfort is keeping the words coming and sharing our life -- no matter how much it compresses at times -- with others.

Stay well. Courage!

Hey Shuna,

Sorry to hear you're setting out. It has to be done though, so put on your boots of courage and do well. We're pullin' for ya!


all I have to say is I'm wearing that exquisite e g g b e a t e r T shirt now, and I look Fabulous! I'm really happy Shuna is in NYC and I am trying to convince him to move back here...

Shuna has only been here for a short time, & my diet is better. Also I had never been to Sullivan Street Bakery, even though I grew up on Greenwich Village!

LOL our favorite meal is what we call a "picnic," though it's always eaten indoors, usually after a long day when there's no time to cook. Hot, crusty homemade bread, assorted meats, cheeses, and whatever bounty is in the garden. Visitors are confused when we say we're having a picnic for dinner--until it's served. It's on the menu tonight as we will be putting up hay until very late. But first I need to bake the sourdough onion rye. Better stop blogging, and get clomping. Always love your posts. Thanks for sharing so much wonderful information.
P.S. $21 for a salad? Yikes! You should have come to the midwest! All-you-can eat-fried-everything for $5.95. :)

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