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16 July 2005


Do I remember Sedutto's? There was a factory just a mile down the road from where my family lived in Staten Island! I haven't thought of them for years--thanks for the memories! BTW, love your blog!

Did the malteds that Nanny fed you have those teensy shards of ice still in them when you drank them? That's what I remember about real malteds, made in those frosty metal shake cannisters. I remember having to tell counter people at Baskin Robbins how to make a real chocolate malt when I moved here. (Of course there were no ice shards in it.)

And hooray for smoked chubs glistening in the fish case. They're so lovely.

Sweet Tarts! I'm an expert on them. My Dad worked for that company when I was a kid (in the 60s), and we always had a pantry full of every variation. They used to send experiments home with the employees for evaluations, in hopes of finding the next big thing. One idea they could never get right was sweet tart flavored milk-I remember little ampules of noxious liquid in a match book. They did a great job of making the milk taste like sweet tarts, but I don't think they ever found anyone who could choke it down (it was never marketed).
p.s. Shuna, I'm so sorry for your current distress. Although I barely know you, you are in my thoughts, and I wish you the best.

Hi Shuna,
I'm so happy you did this (and that I tagged you). Love your answers. And what a variety--from green apple jolly ranchers (yum) to little shiny fish! Hope you had some fun jumping back into your childhood. Take care of yourself and don't melt in Florida.
P.S. Re color me curious' comment above: a dad who worked at the SweetTart factory? Is that just too cool or what? : )

Checking out easggbeater while waiting for our computer to be repaired at tekserve. As always, love the writing and the photos. Go, Veselka, but I'm waiting for Shuna's comments on our Japaese dinner (after walking and walking around the Lower East Side, and the fabulous dessert place, the name of which at the moment escapes me!

Jennifer--- you know I never thought I'd hear from someone who HAD heard of Sedutto's!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Kudzu--- yes. shards is the perfect word for how the icy parts of the malteds felt. so so yum.

Carol--- YOU are sooo cool! Wow, a parent that worked for a candy company. Thanks for some of the inside info! And for your thoughtful thoughts.

Farmgirl--- thank you and you're welcome!

Hi Dad--- yes yes, be patient! must save the best for last! xxoo

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