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14 July 2005


Really liked reading your answers in this list of very personal questions. Think it's pretty symbolic that you ("eggbeater") cooked eggs from an early age, as I did. My grandmother kept a few bantam chickens in her chicken yard and she would save their eggs for me to scramble in a little cast iron skillet in her kitchen, my earliest memory of cooking.

You already know I love Colwin (which prompted my first comment), but I also love peelers -- esp. the one that now actually really peels tomatoes and peaches for us.

Glad we both swear off offal. I can deal with foie gras but not liver; an occasional gizzard but not kidney. My granddaddy would savor chitlins in the fall (pig-kllling time) and I avoided the house at all costs.

Has anyone ever made an ice cream with the scent of daphne?

Cool - this is rad - thanks for doing it. I felt all geeky asking.

Egg Babies? All I'm getting on a google search is: 1) In vitro fertilization 2) Chinese mass-produced plush toys 3) high school childbearing-awareness exercises.

Hi Shuna,
Uh oh. I just logged on to tag you for a meme and you've just finished one! BUT, I think this one just hit the food blogosphere, so you can rejoice in the fact that everyone hasn't read a million answers to it yet. With that in mind, I hope you'll participate. Sure looking forward to reading your responses.

Love your cook next door answers. I, too, am wondering about the egg babies. ??

P.S. Thanks so much for the happy birthday wishes you left on my blog.

Hi, just me again. Went to The Scent Of Green Bananas. You're right--the answers were hysterical. Thanks for linking to it!

Will, you are really funny. (btw: geeky is good.)

An Egg Baby is basically a souffle pancake-- aka Dutch Babies. It's really easy to make, impresses people with it's puffy top, and rarely fails to be yummy. Traditionally it is eaten with lemon juice and powdered sugar but I also like it with jam and marmalade. Thanks guys, you just gave me something else to post about one day.

Farmgirl, thank you so much for tagging me, I may be a little late in getting to it--- I have to think!

Kudzu, there is Nothing (and thank goodness for it!!) like the smell of chitlins being prepared in a house. Goddamn.

Thanks- I know what I'm having for brunch today (I swear I could eat a whole baking dish of EggBabies!).

You know I could see you hosting an ice cream themed SHF event...

daydreaming about malt ice cream... and mint chip... and...

Thanks for taking the time and playing along shuna. Great answers! 'Glad the Egg Baby subject has gotten sorted out, I had this sad image of an egg shaped baby, with big startled eyes... ;))

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