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21 August 2005


Safe journeys, Shuna! Portland is fabulous food, esp. the farmer's market on Saturday (and for general browsing or great food court eats, Saturday Market). I love it dearly and remember my driving ROAD TRIP up that way with great fondness. No iPod, just me singing at the top of my lungs.

There's even some good food in between ... in some unlikely places.

omg, eric & rakim. a high school blast from the past. isn't it amazing to be able to carry your entire music collection in the palm of your hand? anyway, have a safe trip. i hear good things about a bakery in portland called criollo. maybe you could pay a visit, and share what you've found? hehe.

Until the 1970's the Southern Pacific operated two passengers trains between Oakland and Portland: the Cascade and the Shasta Daylight. The selling point for the Shasta was that (as you might suspect) it was scheduled to pass Mount Shasta during daylight hours. Then declining revenue made them decide to pull one train off; guess which they picked. And when Amtrak took over the route the kept the Cascade schedule, which passes Shasta around 2 am. It's still a great route but the track is so badly maintained that you watch ancient VW buses easily overtake your train as you sway from side to side.

So driving makes a lot of sense, and try to time your travel so you'll get a good look at Shasta going or coming, if not both.

Have a wonderful time, be safe, eat well and get rested.

BTW, I love that you have such a broad taste in music. It's very indicative of your personality, methinks.

Yay! Road trip. But where's the Helen Reddy?

Biggles, it appears that Ms. Helen is not my thang, but keep the suggestions coming; I have always been a music nerd.

Fatemeh, awh shucks, tanx.

Dexygus, thanks for visiting and commenting! It was fun to listen to the old school stuff today, made the driving more silly. Me alone with big cheshire smile, dancing in 5th gear.

John, you offer this site something magnificent, thank you as always.

While in Portland you MUST check out Pix Patisserie! It is a pastry wonderland. They even have a website. And report back!

Just passing through, I'm digging the blog by the way.

AMY-- thank you for the suggestion! I know a bit about this place already but I will report back new findings! Thank you!

I love that y'all are giving me suggestions, keep 'em coming!

Humanity Critic-- thank you for visiting and commenting! I love that you write about music and came to find eggbeater. the blogosphere is large and mysterious. N'est pas?

Hi Shuna,
I too got an iPod for my long commutes to the Bay Area. The second best investment I made after the iPod was a subscription to Audio books. They've been so much fun I've hardly noticed the hours on the road.

Have a great trip!

I second the Pix Patisserie recommendation! Also, I loved stopping in at Moonstruck chocolates. Have a great trip.

Are we there yet??????
Have a safe trip and I'm looking forward to reading about your latest adventure!

Hi Shuna!

Enjoying a wonderful trip with Michael and Ellen for a few days! I too recently just got an ipod for the long trips mainly for the car and the airplane. Having a wonderful summer making ice-cream for a living. Quite different from selling cameras. I love ice-cream and cameras. Will have to combine it somehow.

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