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14 August 2005


Shuna - you wouldn't believe how crazy I am about the padrons. They have been all over my blog recently. What I LOVED about Jack Falstaff is that they had them on the appetizers, just served exactly the way you describe them. How brave of them to do do that and how I admired them for it. I've been buying and cooking them at home that way ever since. Happy Quails means people!

i meant Happy Quails means Happy people!

Having never tasted one of these babies, can you tell me where they rank on the heat scale?

I'm so intrigued and yet, a little bit afraid of the heat scale.


O! no no no no no, they are not spicy! Well, the odd one might be a bit, but that is not their primary appeal. They are just so peppery-licious. You'll see....tell David (the owner/farmer) you read about them here!

Hey Shuna,

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was trying to teach the Peak Freans cookie song to my husband--he's from the Bahamas--and since I was not at a party--it didn't go over so well. But. I write because I just went home to NYC for a bit of birthday celebrating and was going to go to Prune but ended up at Nam instead (down near Tribeca.) Now I really wished I had gone to Prune after reading your blog. Next month, I'm So there.

I suspect that "peekytoe" crabs are an Anglicization of "piquito"--after all, crabs got no toes and toes don't peek (except through the front of open-toe shoes which crabs seldom wear.) But "little nipper"--yeah, that's a good name for a pepper or a crab.

Jennifer--- thank you for visiting and commenting! You know, although I know it myself, it is amazing to think that someone else in the world remembers that wacky cookie jingle!
I'm also excited to know that you are out there food blogging from Syracuse.

John--- so absolutely excellent to have you and your intellectual wit back!! All we need to do now is find the origins of "peek-a-boo" now.

Sorry I missed you while you were in NYC! I'm embarassed to say I haven't been inside Chickalicious yet, only stared at the desserts through the window (probably freaking out all the people inside). You inspire me to finally get down there. What was your favorite thing?

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