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26 August 2005


Hi Shuna,

I'm very excited that you've posted about a place in Portland, I'll be visiting there in October and I love getting advanced pastry reviews. :)

Take care!

just love the sesnual, dark picture of the Royale. good to hear it lived up to its appearance!

hey - summer finally arrived in San Francisco today. I hope it lasts til you get back!

Wow. I made the mistake of clicking on the pastry case photo so I could see EVERYTHING up close and personal. I need a Royale NOW! (and a few other things, too) : ) Portland? *envy* You sure are getting around this summer. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

God, that beats the road food I have had lately! Blowing these up makes them look like
Renaissance jewels. Have a lovely trip.

I'm so glad you made it to Pix! I would love to be there for their Dum Sum Yum Yum when rolling carts are piled with miniature versions of desserts for patrons to pick by the plate, dim sum style. I'm thinking national (or at least Bay Area) expansion is necessary...

Thanks. I'm sure I'll be picking your brain in a few weeks when we're ready to head up to Portland.

Haddock, Be sure to pick your brain here, I have a lot more to write about! Portland is absolutely wonderful.

Amy, Dim Sum Yum Yum? My goodness, I would need to need to eat loads of savoury food to prepare for that.

Samantha, thanks for visiting and commenting. Love hearing from new voices! I've written about Portland before--- just click on the 'geography' link. Let me know when you write about Portland too.

WOW....I can only dream of being able to reproduce something like that!

btw......I had much fun checking out the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence website.

Portland really is a good place. I came to visit (from the bay area) ten years ago and forgot to leave. Now many of my old friends and the rest of my family is heading this way.

Sorry about the rain today... but now it is gonna be fresh and amazing. Enjoy!

Oh, I forgot. Pix is opening a branch/teaching school in NE about a month from now.

that royale looks a bit like a palantir from the lord of the rings films. looks yummy.

Try to get to Sahagun for some chocolates while you're here. They're as good as any truffles I've ever had and better than any national brands. See here:

Also, if you want to see what Pix can do with ice cream, see link below to their annual Ice Cream Social. They have a tendency to have their regular ice creams a bit too cold, but if you let them melt... Also, they do the desserts at Bar Pastiche, an otherwise mediocre tapas place right next to Powell's for Cooks and Gardeners (a must) and Pastaworks.

Welcome to Portland!

I should add, the desserts at Bar Pastiche are smaller versions, so you can sample a little, much like their dessert dim sum.

Extra MSG--- we are, like, totally on the same page!! I am getting over to Sahagun Tomorrow (their first day of the week.)! My family has been telling me about her for years but she ran out of stuff early at the downtown FM.
bar Pastiche is a little too strange for me, and nothing looks fresh.

dexygus, thanks for the head's up. I have no idea what a 'palantir' is, but it might please you to know I played D & D in junior high school.

Food Dude!! you are the Absolute Best!! (check out his site y'all-- he put a question I sent him On His Site and so I found a place I was looking for Forever!!)

I have tried in vain to convince my daughter, a high school senior, to check out Reed College in Portland.

She is adamant about sticking to the California she knows and loves--no blame there.

Portland is just the kind of place I'd love to visit. Vibrant and interesting, and smart about loving up their local farms. I'm all about the farms.

Hi Shuna, I am Harry Potter's new mother (the kitten that is).
I've heard you have been getting around in Portland, I wanted to suggest a few places to check out: Ken's Artisan Bakery on NW21st, Voodoo doughnuts at and
downtown, DiPrima Dolci Bakery and Coffee shop on NW Killingsworth, Pearl Bakery on NW9th just down from Powell's.
For some kitschy baking fun check out: The Decorette Shop
5338 SE Foster, Portland, OR, phone: (503) 774-3760. For yummy chocolates and great old fashioned displays: Ja Civa's
4733 S.E. Hawthorne. One of my favorite chocolate shops and old time candy shop is in Milwaukie, on Main street, Milwaukie Popcorn and Candy shop, the owner's Mom and daughter are also francophiles and have some interesting chotzkies. Speaking of Francophiles... checkout St Honore Bakery 2335 NW Thurman St. "Experience the esprit de France at Northwest Thurman's classic boulangerie. " Amazing ovens from France with french prices also! Have fun in Portland, I love it tons, and I am a former Berkeleyite.

Tana, so nice to have you here! In fact i went over the Reed College today, well their sprawling lawn, to see Shakespeare in the park. The campus reminds me of Ireland.

Cecily, I cannot address your every place but I will be writing about quite a lot of them in the coming weeks. I will say for sure that St. Honore was AWFUL, in every respect! But Ken's breads made me feel better about what bakeries are up tp here in Portland. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope to hear your voice here again.

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