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18 August 2005




Wow! Happy Birthday!

Love fresh orange juice.
Love Coney Island.
Love brownstones.
Love your poem.
And I *LOVE* that you told me that City Bakery is coming to Santa Monica. I am beyond excited.
Many happy returns, Shuna!

Pretty great! Happy Birthday Shuna!

Auguri, Shuna -- and congratulations.

I'm two days late but Happy Birthday!!!!

I am on day 25 day of membership in the orange juice club and I am happy but scared.

Hope it was a HAPPY day, Shuna!

happy happy happy!

Many happy returns of the day.

Happy, happy, happy belated birthday! What a fabulous poem. *smile* But wait. . . has the heat steamed my brain or does that really mean you're only 23?! Oh my! : )

ZOW! So many happys I can't count. What does AUGURI mean?

Ms Farmgirl-- ok here's the math: I was 24 when I made a life altering realization and decision. Somehow I have stuck with it for a while now and I am currently 37. I wrote the poem when I was at a restaurant that told me I could not have a "staff drink" of fresh squeezed OJ (that, by the way I squeezed daily!) because it was too expensive, even though everyone else could have Kettle one Martinis!! As you can imagine I didn't lay down and allow them this ridiculous hypocritical rule. Eventually I had my "staff drink" with the rest of them: fresh sqeezed orangy goodness.

haha - i think you and i are quite alike in many ways that might not at first seem obvious

Auguri is "best wishes" in Italian, which is not my native language though I wish it were.
It's used sort of interchangeably as "greetings", etc. But doesn't it sound like something you'd drink (as you would orange juice)?

Orange juice, a drink thirst quenching
Well deserves poetic mention
My words, like yours, don't truly rhyme
Yet OJ's golden taste is, a-h-h-h, divine!!

Congratulations and raising my coffee mug to wish you many, many more such happy days.

Hi Shuna,
Okay, I get it now! And tra-la, tee hee, I'm 37, too! *smile*

P.S. I'm so glad you demanded your freshly squeezed orange juice at that kooky restaurant. Though I suppose if they'd let you have it in the first place, we wouldn't be enjoying that fabulous poem now. *she smiles again*

Farmgirl, you are very sweet indeed. thank you a few times.

Sam, this might be one of the most tantalizing comments i have ever received. All I seem to be able to do is cock my head to the right and tug on my whiskers...

Good Health, Good Life and No disasters says Biggles.


Tanti auguri, Shuna! Welcome to the 37 club--a nice place to be! Too bad I'll be jumping over to the 38s in a couple of months....sorry I missed you when you were in NYC, but I know City Bakery and Yonah Schimmels will pull you back here sometime!

Happy Birthday!

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