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14 September 2005


no no no. too cold in san francisco to read about frozen flakes. stop! hehe.


Love, love, love the picture! I look so happy. One would never suspect that it was almost 100 degrees out, or that 10 minutes later, I took my clothes off and went to join the kids playing in the water sprinkler nearby. (Okay, not really, but I seriously considered it...)

Hi, This is soooo familiar I just can't believe it!Do look at my post at http://thecookscottage dot typepad dot com/curry/2005/05/gol_gol_gola.html if you have the time.

Wonderful post. I grew up eating these yummy treats. But where do you find those handheld tools for shaving the ice. No one seems to know! I want my own.


Ice can still be bought from people who, let's say, also sell dry ice. The scraper, I believe, is a wood working tool. Carpenters use it with soft wood. Good luck!

(Thanks for reading back into older posts.)

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