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18 September 2005


We were the soda drinkers and it tasted pretty good to me.

The name of the shop is Sahagun though rather than Shagun. My guess is this is related to Bernardino de Sahagún, chronicler of Cortez's time in Mexico.

Thanks for the tip. And you're right, Elizabeth is quite fetching.

Thank you for explaining the origin of the name. I had no idea how to explain it in the post because it was confusing to me. Gastronomy is such a wide and deep field.

How devilishly smart you are!

After reading all your Portland food finds I need to get on up to there soon!

Yet again you have described another place I need to visit in this city of mine...I will have to remember this place when the rain starts and I need to warm myself. Hot chocolate is the best.

If you get a chance, try her truffles and palets, as well. Some of the best I've had, which includes truffles from the best chocolatiers in the US. Really well balanced flavorings and nice textures.

See here:

Wow thanks for posting the great pictures and nice story!! And even more thanks for coming to visit Sahagún and compelling me to work on my soda. Make sure to stop in whenever you’re here maybe we can get up to some more chocolate mayhem.


Thanks for unearthing such wonderful treasures for me! I'm looking at goin gup to Portland next weekend to help support a marathoner. Maybe I'll lure her over the finish line with chocolate!!

Um, she's not working on the perfect hot chocolate. She has achieved it and sent me into a chocolate high I'll will not forget anytime soon.

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