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23 September 2005


I love that post. I love your writing. I feel transported. Thanks!

I am with you - but I couldn't have explained it so well. I just came back from 2.5 weeks living with the sea, a beautiful warm sea, and I miss it already.

Simply gorgeous water photos and ocean evocations!! So great to come to eggbeater and get such well-expressed life-love!! Thank you!

Excellent illustrative Shuna. I live 1.5 hours from the beach. That does not keep me from being at the coast at least twice a month. There is something about the smell of the ocean that has such a calming effect on me. Wonderful pictures too!

Hey, that answers where your middle name came from. Very cool. My father gave me a nickname, but I'm not going to utter it on the internet. No ma'am.
I love the ocean, but I have a hard time with sand. I seem to drag infinite amounts home with me, in everything. Clothes, car and then in the shower. The bed and my floors. I just can't deal with sand, too gritty. Maybe if they made the sand a little nicer to deal with, like maybe Nerf Sand? Now that I could get in to, Nerf Sand would be far easier to sweep up and get out. Your hardwood floors wouldn't get marred and would feel funny between your teefs. Imagine how nice an entire beach of Nerf Sand would feel between your toes as you strolled along.


I am so with you on the sand Biggles. The sand sucks. Fortunately I live where the beach is essentially rock. Not that I'm ever on the beach mind you. I'm more of a creek/river person myself.

I don't know what is more lovely--your writing or that wonderful set of photographs. Oh how I miss the ocean!

Shunafish! Cute. (See, I thought your middle name came from that old saying about the fish and the bicycle!!)

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