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17 November 2005


Shuna - I keep forgetting to talk to you about this. I am not sure whether to thank you or scold you, as I have been hooked on reading this section of Craigslist for a while now and it's all your fault. That weights and measures one made me giggle too ... and I don't know what's up with newpacificheightsrestaurant. It's like they are trying to be secretive to keep the lookie-loos away or something. What I am wondering is where an NY deli who is seeking a pastry chef is going in near me ...

Oh, I hope you get the Rouge job! I love that place.
This was loads of fun to read.

A certified pastry chef? Aren't all you pastry chefs certifiable?;-D

I scan these every day, although I rarely read the ads themselves, just the headlines.

I've got mixed feelings about the classifieds. I've never run one as an employer that has brought me anything but idiots. I've found a few worthwhile gigs through them but I usually feel like there's a little something wrong with both parties in the transaction.

But I always look. It's like rubbernecking at an accident.

Hey, just tell them you've been certified through Meathenge Labs, that'll cinch it.

Dang, your a funny s.o.b.

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