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19 November 2005


Hi Shuna,
I love my T-shirt! Just got it today. Here's a pic, taken via a mirror:
photo link

I love the deep blue color of it. It's almost indigo.

Will you save me one! and who else has one in Paris?! Darn, I wanted to be the first!

Shuna, your descriptions of the features of your T-shirt remind me of similar sales tactics I heard many years ago.

I was at a "greasy spoon" which served heavenly breakfasts in Sacramento. I don't know if it is still there.

The road there seemed like a road you would take someone down to murder them. :) ...probably not that bad but in my memory it was.

It was next to train tracks. Hence the name, "Choo Choo Diner."

Our server expounded on the virtues of the Choo Choo Diner T-shirt, ending with "...and you can even dress it up! Just wear it under a blazer!

Well, that did it. I bought one but I can't say that I ever wore it to a formal occasion.

Thanks for a great description. I know what you're thinking, "shut your pie hole and buy one."
I believe I will. :)

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