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12 November 2005


What a coincidence. I am reading this shortly after assembling the liquid for a pomegranate sorbet. I'll be freezing it in the morning.

Tis the season, I suppose.

The first thing I ever stole was a pomegranate, because we didn't have any in our yard, but Mrs. Teasley (isn't that a perfect name?) did. BTW: The only other thing I ever stole was a book from the library because it was on a restricted list; you know all about radical readers, no?

I love to dry the fruit and keep it as decoration, a Chinese symbol of fortune. I have one next to a little painting of a pomegranate on a piece of wood, a nice echo.

Have you looked into Georgian (as in Russian) recipes? They do wonderful things with the seeds and juices. Perfect for the beginning of our dark season.

I believe the pomegranite is the symbol of the city of Granada, in Spain.At least that's what someone told me when I asked about the beautiful cast iron pomegranites you see everywhere there.(I think they were originally hitching posts or something of the sort.)

I do think that they are a lovely shape, in addition to being ridiculously delicious.Kind of voluptuous.

Yeah! Derrick visited! Hello.


I have a dried one on my windowsill and your comment inspired me to put another one up there today.


maybe one day you'll show us those photos... :}
I think of pears as being voluptuous, but pomegranates seem darker, harder, like demon coincidence that they are the fruit of Hades, eh.

Pom sorbets are yum! I didn't know it was a common dish over here in USA though...when I typed in pomegranate sorbet on google, a host of recipes came forth. I made pomegranate sorbet a while ago and my husband loved it. He loved it so much that I made it again.....but with bottled pom juice(gasp!) was so horrible it almost laid me off of sorbets for a while. But I bought some ridiculously priced poms again to try the sorbet....and *sigh* the sorbet is super duper husband is happy again :)

I just moved overseas and we're staying with the in-laws til our new house is ready, and I am stuck for now with the most horrid tiny ill-equipped kitchen, but I've had the most ridiculous craving for pomegranate sorbet so I'm making some. No ice cream freezer, so I'll have to put it in a dish in the regular freezer and stir periodically. Well worth the effort, though.

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