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06 November 2005


Yeah, photograph them. That's as far as I got last year. See?

You think I should eat some this year? I dunno, we'll see. They are are pretty though.


This looks gorgeous. I can't wait to try persimmons and pomegranates. I featured this on my latest weekly round-up of the best gluten-free recipes on the web. Thanks!

This applies to both the Nov. 6 post and this one.

Wild persimmons on the East Coast are even more unbearable when unripe, almost like alum. I nonchalantly offered one to a boyfriend on an autumn walk, knowing it wasn't ripe, and started running. As I remember he threw it at me.

Only haddock could come up with that anagram, no?

I toss really ripe hachiyas into the freezer and then eat them with a spoon as a cold sweet.

Possums, by the way, adore them.

Thank you for this info!! I'm a neophyte, wanting to experiment...

What do you think of swapping fuyu persimmons for apples in a pie. Will it be mushka (deer food) or hold up. Pre cook or not. More binder or less and what kind. I want to give it a go let me know.


Me, personally, I don'y think persimmons have enough of a flavor cooked to make a whole pie with them. Yes, I think they will "mush out." Perhaps, on the first go, you might want to toss in a few persimmons with the apples, to see how they survive in the pie.

Then your own taste can decide!

Good point on the trial. Will do. Sure would hate to waste good pie crust on the deer.

My cousin is a chef at Google; now that's a gig if you're in the trade... days off, vacation pay, overtime.... unheard of!

Thank you for your input. I made that pie. 50/50 apple, fuyu with spices, meyer lemon zest and juice. I cooked it a bit faster than I normally would an apple pie. I sliced the apples thin and fuyus a bit heavier. Not only was it not mushy but a sight to behold with the color combo. The apple had just the right crunch and burst of flavor that set off the fuyu's al-dente texture and heavenly sweet earthy, melt in your mouth yum.

I would have loved to sent you a pic but the three of us ginny pigs ate the whole thing before I thought of it. One pie, one sitting, oh it was heaven. The next trial will be a tart.

Yep, I got a tree of em. Thanks again for the help.

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