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22 November 2005


Here here- I am sick of un-original food mag covers this time of the year. Makes me feel very bah-humbug. I think cranberries would have been an obvious cover choice to give us relief from beigh food November.

Also- for your punkin pie recipe, do you have particular squash varieties that you recommend?

Yes! It is my very favorite meal. It is my very favorite holiday in fact. I will try your pumpkin pie recipe tomorrow however, Shuna. It is a must for me this year.

I wish you peace and contentment for your holiday and please accept my thanks and gratitude for being such a great inspiration all year round!

Dang, I forgot to make a list and forgot a few things. No matter it isn't a deal breaker and no one will know. Happy Gravy DAY !!!

I am a traditionalist too.
However this year I will break with tradition and attempt the deep-frying of a turkey. I think I will practice on a chicken tonight.

hi Shuna - I made your pastry crust by hand, and used it in an apple pie which turned out wonderfully. I was a nervous 'pastry virgin', but the results were delicious. Took it to thanksgiving at Victoria and Phils where it was well received!

Great info, I will use it for Christnas, Thanks.

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