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29 November 2005


This is really interesting. You have given me quite a bit to think about. I may be reorganizing my old notebooks.

Very interesting! I want more...

Good stuff, Shuna. My books are filled with sticky notes with variations and discoveries and suggestions for next time.
When were you at CC? I was lucky enough to write a review, back in 2003, for the dreaded Fangxaminer. I had a couple of great meals. (And desserts!)

i remember in culinary school, one of the instructor's recipes contained the obscure (to us) "BTAB." after several minutes of literally scratching our heads, we figured it out. bring to a boil.

oh, and don't forget 10x for powdered sugar.

This is really interesting to read and of course makes a lot of sense :) thanks

Shuna, this is such a service! I had never thought of it this way, because all the cookbooks had such a standard format for decades. But this way of putting together a recipe makes perfect sense to me. And just in time for me, because I'm trying to nail down a gluten-free sugar cookie recipe for the holidays. (And thanks for putting that link to me in the post!) Of course, I never worked in a professional kitchen. But I almost feel as though I do, now that I'm laying out ideas for other people. I just don't shout and talk in shorthand.

once again, you astound me.

Fantastic post! You seem to have a real gift! Please, MORE!

Superb Shuna! Scaling is becoming an art form for me, so I appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Oh, and indulge me this little guffaw! Isn't that evoo? LOL!

As I now write and develop recipes to earn my pennies, I can really relate to this piece. Shuna can vouch that I am one of the few savory chefs that developed and wrote actual recipes; wanted the food to be consistent and having recipes, that were always adjusted if necessary for taste, helped my crew.
Funny anecdote; recently a chef for our company called me at 7am to ask about one the recipes I wrote; "Is a 1 cup serving size an 8oz cup?" I was silent and stunned. "What else could it be?"
I thought. A tea cup? coffee cup? (then I got silly--jock cup? bra cup?) Yes, I responded. Still makes me giggle.

a really eye-opening write up for me. its really sort of a revelation like why-didn't-we-think-of-that! i would be converted from now on. thanks

My eyes stopped reading after Citizen Cake, I was remembering my great dessert there years ago.

I was looking for new ways to present a recipe on my food blog and came across your page on google search.

Very helpful with some neat tips and thanks for sharing. Your suggestion of writing down the ingredients first and then the measurements sounds good to me.

Really interesting. Thanks. I just finished a cookbook for my brother and his new wife, and I wish I'd read this yesterday before it went to the "printer" instead of today. Oh well. Maybe someone else will get married!

As a student teacher I was just given a task of recipe writing. I need to write a lesson plan and deliver it to a class of 10-yo.
Your writing is really helpful.
I was thinking about to make a toufu salad at site and let student record the steps.
Now I have something more.
Thank you!

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