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09 December 2005


Our little lemon tree finally started producing edible fruits, very nice. I even fertilize the little sucker with real citrus food, amazing what those trees will do when taken care of.
Citrus and pork roasts are a match made in heaven.


I firmly believe nature intends to take care of us and agree it's not coincidence that the fruits loaded with vitamn C show up just when we need it most.

Do you remember MFK FIsher's writing about drying rinds on a radiator? My ex-husband's Italian father used to hold a strip of peel over the stove's gas flame where it made blue sparks and sputtered and filled the air with citrus fragrance. These were ordinary tangerines (if we can call such wonderful fruit ordinary)....Be sure to read Chocolate&Zucchini today. You and Coltilde are on the very same page!

Yes, I am ingesting your delicious world

You know, I will tell you this first: I know that I wrote that big ol' post talking about Satsumas and how wonderful they are, but I *just* discovered clementines -- I mean really good, perfect clementines (from Will the Avocado Guy), and I think that I finally get it. I love that they are full of flavor, but manage to have so much nuance at the same time. So thanks for pushing me on them. I think you have been telling me about them for over a year now ...

Jen, well it's about time. just kidding. a Clementine can always wait for the hesitant eater. It's royal and patient and amazing whenever it is you choose to see the light!

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