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20 December 2005


Try winter in Rhode Island! BRRR! 26 degrees this morning; my latte never tasted so good. I shoveled 8" of wet heavy snow two weeks ago and this is only the beginning. This is why it's good to have parents retired in Florida to visit! :)

Last thursday my bus couldn't make it down an icy hill, so I got out and walked the slippery sidewalks the rest of the way home from work...2 hours, inching along.(Normally, it would be 10 minutes on the bus, or 30 walking on ordinary sidewalks.) The bus never passed me up!

The older I get, the more I understand why people move to more temperate climes. But it does make you appreciate coming in from the cold. Home never looks better than in weather like this.Especially when you are met at the door by two warm cats.

I like the coziness of the season, but not the dry skin or the static.

hello shuna! we have two seasons here: typhoon season, and not typhoon season. all in all, i'd rather be in paris.

i hope you are having a lovely time, whatever your season :)

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