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26 January 2006


I agree with you. I love the process of writing a letter and receiving them. I wish that I did it more often.

How true, but with the Biggles, letters just don't get sent. Even before email, I din't send letters. Oh sure, I started writing them and dreamt long and hard about how great it was going to be to receive my awesome letter. The lousy penmanship that changes styles every few paragraphs due to meandering thought patterns and moods, always a joy.
Ya know, I just had a thought. I wonder if I could digitize my handwriting in to a font? Then, at this point my emails, letters & postings at Meathenge could be 'personalized'.
Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Interesting though, very interesting.
I'm hungry.


I have one pen pal left, and I still get excited when I receive a hadn-written letter from her. Writing back is just as much fun.

Thanks for this cool post.

Olivia's biggest fan;

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