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21 February 2006


Alright, she shoots she scores. Excellent, now I suppose I need to get mines up! I did mine on Sunday and warmed it up for Monday's supper. Mama said it was one of the best ever, she was right.


I find it a bit strange that we are both being our own grandmothers at the moment.
This sounds excellent. Do we get to see the stove?

WOW, that looks so good!
Love all the photos.
I don't get to see meat like that too often.....beautiful!

We gotta see the stove.

Speaking of flanken, if you ever need any good recipes for brisket, I have many straight out of Brooklyn.


Hey Anne,

Brisket? Please send a few this way!


How dreamy. You didn't even eat it until the next day... :)

(Quick weight-gain tip: Milk. Drink glasses of milk, or buttermilk, for snacks. The dairy industry wants you to think it will help you lose weight, but milk makes me gain weight.)

I wanna see the stove too!

I find it so touching that you cooked that beef roast in your new kitchen and that it connected you to your grandmother, a sort of blessing.

I've never cooked (or eaten) beef stuffed with marrow but it sounds like a capital idea.

Between your weight-gain eating and Sam's weight loss diary, I sit here bemused.

Hey Biggles,

It'll be my pleasure to send you some brisket recipes later today.



that is a formidable piece of meat! I've been hankering for some braised meat myself. Thanks to your tasty photos, I think I'll have start a-braisin' to ward off the NY winter.

Oh you always know how to remind of things long past. Sitting at a meal with my Britain born grandfather eating marrows bones. He said it was a way of meetin gheaven on earth. I haven't seen them since he passed to the next life in 1968. [I was so young back then.;-)]

This MUST be delicious!

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