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14 February 2006


Oh, Shuna -- Happy February 14th to you!I was but am not (married), am not attached to anyone else.

More's the pity I had to gnash my teeth and write about the day in spite of that fact. I recommended homemade foods, dinner at home, jams, dessert wines and tropical fruits istead of out-of-season berries.

You were right to advise folks to remember the singletons! Thanks for a nice start to the day.

I shall Haiku you.

In the cool morning
I fry up a slab of bacon
A dog barks next door


Here's a Valentine for you-for just being YOU!! You're not half of anything, you are the one and only YOU, loved madly by us and many other people lucky enough to know YOU!!

St. Valentine didn't know anything about the best kind of love -- self love.

Can you imagine a time when people didn't have to be reminded to love themselves, to believe in themselves?

This VD is dedicated to people who love themselves.

If only M&A had merged with Performing Arts while I still attended I might have stayed in school.

For an excellent but brief examination of the single Valentine try

Let's just do our best to spread love to everyone, everywhere.

O my god, it's a goddamned Love-In around here!

I feel incredibly special to have been Haiku'd, thank you Doctor.

And dedicated to self-love, I wake up on my first day in my new flat, living alone for the first time!

I LURVE YOU all back. xoxo

What a fabulous post. Thank you.

A toast to us single people!

xx amanda

In the immortal words of Smokey Robinson, "I second that emotion."

From another singleton, of the widow-lady variety

Strawberries and raspberries aren't in season, but blood oranges are. That was a wonderful post. Those of us who are paired up still need to cultivate and nurture other relationships. I recommend the wonderful movie, The Station Agent, about a group of quirkey people who get by without becoming two-somes. Happy Valentine's Day to us all!

Thank you, my dear, for sharing your story. And for gently nudging everyone to remind us single folks. I'm not married, paired up, or even dating. I love my life. I'd love to meet someone, but I'm not holding my breath. Instead, I have this wonderful communtiy. Thank you, thank you for being a part of it. Big smushy hugs to you.

I'm making the rounds with my VD-Day story. I just never grew up believing Valentines were just for romantic love.

I've always frankly loved Valentine's Day because growing up, my family made it into such an event. My mother bought construction paper, extra glue, fat rolls of stickers, doilies of all shapes and sizes, crinkling packets of glitter (silver, gold, pink, red), and on that cracked plastic-covered card table, all five of us took secret time to make Valentines for each other as well as our friends. I remember my high school friends going around in protesting black clothes on Valentine's Day -- something (as I handed over their Valentines) I never understood.

Because of how my family approached it, I've just never associated Valentine's as solely a lovers day, more like a loving day. If that isn't too cheesy. (Y'all gotta know how I love the cheese!)

Friends, lovers, and selves, do the love thing. Always, not just on the 14th. Always.

Shuna --

Obviously I've been a secret admirer for far too long. Out with the truth: I love your blog -- and to love your blog is to love you, methinks!

I was not always coupled up as I am now, and your post has given me the memory of moment shortly after a devastating breakup. In my grief, I said to someone, "How am ever I going to find the person who will stand by me, stay with me, the one that I can love and be loved by for the rest of my life?" This extraordinarily wise friend literally held up a mirror to my face and said, "You're looking at her." In relationships or out of them, these words have remained with me...


thank you so much. I think I may have even blushed whilst reading your valentine to me.

Shauna-- big smushy hugs back!! I'm actually quite excited to live alone. It makes being on one's own that much fiercer.

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